"The purpose of the storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon." 

​- The Way of Kings

Shortly after Hawaii, I moved to Los Angeles to immerse myself in film culture.   Right away, a fellow actress and I started a Youtube sketch series which quickly turned into a full blown production company.  Our name was Girls on Top Productions and our slogan was "Comedy, not Porn."  Our intention was to promote a strong female voice in the entertainment industry.   

Soon after that I became a member of Congress Films, a creative collective whose work you can also on the main page.

I am constantly writing original material for Congress and other independent projects.  I am an actor first, then a writer, and I also producer.  If it has to do with film or theater, I am game.  Check out my work and contact me with your passion projects. 

First and foremost, I am a storyteller.  I have learned, on the short time I have been on this planet, that the way I best tell a story is through a performance. I was fortunate enough to discover this at age 7 when my parents enrolled me in a Seattle summer theater program, recommended by my second grade teacher who claimed: "I needed to put that energy somewhere." I got to play a video game martian and I remember thinking, "How cool?! I want to play like this forever!"

I continued to do theater in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington School for Dramatic Arts. After graduating, I backpacked around the US and Europe and lived on a coffee farm in Hawaii picking beans.  I met the best storytellers while traveling. The stories I heard on the road sparked my interest in writing.

My Short Biography